September 26, 2016

A Romantic Bridal Boudoir


This artfully curated boudoir session has happened as part of Boheme Workshops on the beautiful Island of Santorini. The story was inspired by the Classical Period (480–400BC) in which everything was about the perfection in human form and proportions (Golden Ratio). On the other hand, the beautiful and organic unique landscape of Santorini has been an starting point for Tahnee Sanders who has been the creative director behind this styled shoot.

Here, this beautiful bridal boutique hotel room has an organic yet sophisticated transition from Santorini’s gorgeous white washed outdoors to a modern yet as organic indoors, inside this cave suite. Her face is so calm and peaceful and she seems to be lost in her thoughts. A simple yet elegant silk robe gently touches her sun kissed olive toned skin. As a photographer I have tried to capture the images in an interesting and natural looking stance, giving her body a sense of weight and movement while trying a more dynamic approach in posing her. These images are natural, beautiful and timeless. These are the kind of photos to be treasured for a lifetime.

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Creative Team: Photography: muguetphotography Creative Direction: Tahnee Sanders | Planning: stella and moscha | Workshop: Boheme Workshops | MUAH: frantzeska | Florals: Celsia Floral | Model: New Model Agency | Gown: Lady Evelynuk | Venue: sophia luxury suites‪


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